On Reincarnation


Sometimes you change so that you hate the sound of your own voice, so that the world you live in is so unfamiliar that you have to go back to where you began before you can take another step forward, before you know how to live in the world again.

This summer, I left my home in one place to make a new home in another. I left my business one way in Charleston and found it another way in California. I’m not sure most days if I am coming or going. Everything is in process. I am tired of being in process. I wrestle and fume and frustrate because I want to be *something.* Or maybe it’s that I just need to uncover who I am becoming now.

I want my words to count, to be rich with meaning, so that no matter how few I speak, they will last. I want to take pictures that share my feelings, because that is what I do. So here I am again, a person in the world, blogging. This is where I began to make sense of how I fit in my world. I hope at least a few of you will bear with me as I re-begin.